Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bend Summerfest

Better than your average summerfest/street fair, with several blocks of vendor tents, 3 music stages, perfect weather.  We scanned all the tents, tried to find a cool cowgirl hat for Trish but they were all too big.  She bought a colorful little bead bracelet.

This guy apparently liked to feed ducks and spent all his money doing so; that's an empty wallet in his hands.  Didn't get his name, not a great talker, assume he was a real person in a former life.

Below, cool bird sculpture along ceiling of passageway between 2 downtown streets.

We were gonna have lunch near one of the sound stages but the only one active at the time was playing jazz.  I don't do jazz but did enjoy some Dave Brubeck stuff back in the day.  Jazz isn't dead last in my musical preferences, a dubious honor permanently held by classic opera; can't stand it, worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.  

I attended a rock opera in Alexandria, Egypt in the early 80s, loved it!  It was done by a European touring group, German I think.  Do you know the difference between a rock opera and a musical?  I didn't, just now looked it up: a musical has dialogue in addition to the singing; rock opera is singing only.

We chose the Pine Tavern (in business since 1936) for lunch, sat on the patio overlooking Mirror Pond on the Deschutes River.  Very pleasant.

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