Thursday, July 12, 2018


A.  A wild plum
B.  Ground fog
C.  Icy water
D.  Upset stomach
E.  All the above
F.  None of the above

Actually, there is no correct answer because nobody knows for sure.  A, B and C are possibilities, Klamath Indian words that are similar to tumalo.  D is my very own definition: "That spicy chili gave me severe tumalo.  Got any antacids?"  Anyway, Tumalo is a popular name in the Bend, OR area: Creek, State Park, Tavern, Coffeehouse, and about 30 more places and businesses have the Tumalo name.

The unincorporated community of Tumalo, between Bend and Redmond is a census designated area, population 488.  In the early 1900s it had its own school, Bobcats as the original mascot, later upgraded to Tigers.  Apparently bobcats fell short of the mark when it came to those ferocious Tumaloians.  Tumaloites?  Tumalofers?  Whatever.

The pix of the girls basketball team, below, was undated.  1930s maybe?  Anyway, gotta love their outfits.  I assume they were called Tigresses.

Here's the entire school in 1938.

And here's the most impressive thing with the Tumalo handle: Tumalo Falls.  We visited it last year.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Bend 18-2

We went to the Farmers Market on Saturday, along with visiting friends Ron and Holly from Portland.  Bought some nice produce, ate gelato, listened to a group of kids playing marimbas, very pleasant sound.

Later we walked along the river, lots of floaters, had lunch at one of the numerous Mill District eateries.

Ron and Holly bought a Retro RV trailer here, will return in 3 weeks to pick it up and get it outfitted.  Trish and I will help them get everything set up and checked out.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bend 18-1

The 16-court pickleball complex in Bend.

This is the 3rd year we've stayed in Bend, OR for several weeks.  My prior posts from here said it all so I won't bore you with repetition except to say Bend has everything that matters to us.

One of our neighbors, a colony of yellow bellied marmots.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I just returned from our annual family reunion in the Twin Cities, and a visit with my northernmost relatives in Aitkin.  My brother Gerry and his wife Linda have a lovely home on a large lake a few miles out of town.  Their lake isn't nearly as large as Mille Lacs Lake though, can't see all the way across that one.  It's about 20 miles south of  Aitkin.  The pix above and below were taken at Mille Lacs, in the town of Garrison.

One of the things I love about visiting my brother is hearing the mournful cries of the loons, brings back memories of my early years in MN.

About 40 people attend the reunion each year, an annual event that started 25 years ago.  We usually play pickleball but not this year, rain in the AM, then 90 degrees and high humidity.  Some of the gang pictured below.

This purple cow was hanging out in the Redmond/Bend, OR airport near the luggage carousel.  Now, I can no longer say I've never seen a purple cow.  If you don't recognize the saying, google it.  It's from a popular little poem written many decades ago.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Auburn/Lincoln/Loomis, CA

We're in a campground in Auburn, close to Lincoln where Trish's brother Doug and wife Jan live, in a Sun City/Del Webb community.  They moved here about a year ago from Sacramento. 

Our luncheon venue used to be the High Hand fruit packing facility.  

Now, it's the High Hand nursery/restaurant/art venue with a huge variety of plants, blown glass ornaments, metal sculptures, planting pots and so on.  
The pictures speak for themselves.

Fantastic place!  
The food and IPA were darn good, too.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

South Lake Tahoe

This is my 3rd visit to SLT.  April, 1968, was the first one, an overnight stop on my way to Minnesota from Tacoma, WA, via Tijuana.  The long way home.  I had 30 days leave before going to Panama for Jungle Warfare School, then to Vietnam.  Figured I should see some of the country, might not have another chance.  2nd visit was about 30 years ago to do some downhill.

These 3 pix were taken at the Emerald Bay viewpoint.

The castle is about 2 miles away, pix taken at 10x zoom.  It's located close to shore and to the left of the island pictured above.

We visited Tallac Historical Site after Emerald Bay. Tallac was touted as The Grandest Resort in the World 100 years ago.  Only the wealthy and elite here, thank you very much.  If you needed to ask how much it cost, forget it.  Dozens of vintage buildings on 40 acres bordering Lake Tahoe, now a major tourist attraction, the buildings nicely maintained and furnished with period stuff.  The main lodge is pictured below.

This is one of several buildings that housed the worker bees: gardener, maid, cook, butler, etc.  The higher up you were in the pecking order, the larger your quarters.  The butler had the largest room which wasn't all that large, nor should it have been, given his checkered past.  True, it was never proven, but he was and still is, the prime suspect in the heinous murder - did it in the study with a candlestick.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hope Valley, CA

Hope Valley, population 210, is a narrow valley with steep walls, carved out by the west fork of the Carson River.  Ponderosa pine trees, aspens, huge boulders and clear, tumbling waters grace our campsite at the Hope Valley Resort.  Gorgeous!

West Fork of the Carson River.  Trish says the boulders in these parts should be taken for granite.

We went in to South Lake Tahoe yesterday to play pickleball (me) and ride bike (she).  Lovely day for it.  Heading back there today for sightseeing and lunch.