Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Reflection, Part 2

The Reflection is a quantum leap above the Cougar in amenities and conveniences, not a Rolls Royce but definitely a high-end Buick.  Of course, the major thing for Trish is that the color goes well with the new truck.  Well ......maybe not THE major thing - but it's right up there.

The interior is more tastefully done than was the Cougar,which boasted Early French Whorehouse decor (it didn't boast for long though; I ripped out the curvy valances and window side wings the minute Trish gave me the go ahead.)  Conveniences the Cougar lacked include a high powered exhaust fan with wall-mounted control panel, automatic leveling (a biggie), convection microwave.

Amenities include heated recliners, and, would you believe, an electric fireplace?  At first, we thought what a joke, a fireplace for cripes sake.  Now, we're thinking Oh Yeah, crank that puppy up and take off the morning chill!  It's located below the TV.

It's 31' long, a hair longer than the Cougar but has more floor space - 3 slides instead of 1.  The dry weight's about the same, 8K and change, more aluminum, less wood.

This being our 4th RV, we know the drill when it comes to upgrades and enhancements, and we start slapping them on right away.  For the last several days we've had daily deliveries of goodies from Amazon, etrailer, et al.

Now, I'm in install mode: single control bathroom faucet and shower valve, paper towel holders in kitchen and basement, 2 propane gas gauges, 3 entry step covers, 2 closet shelves, extra sewer hose storage tube, screen door grille and handle, 3 roof vent covers, 2 level indicators, fridge fan, hangers for hoses, electrical cords, towels, and keys.  And a partridge in a pear tree.

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